Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ambalapara - I is a village in Palakkad district in the state of Kerala

Ambalapara - I is a village in Palakkad district in the state of Kerala. Ambalapara is in Palakkad District of Kerala. It is situated 10 km north of Ottapalam and 35 km north-west of Palakkad.Ottapalam is a medicum sized town located in Palghat District of the Kerala state in south-India. This place is basically a quiet residential town, ideal for retired life. Known as a typical example of the Valluvanadan lifestyle. Ottapalam is associated with some of dignified personalities like Sir. C. Sankaran Nair, K P S Menon, V P Menon and the list continues. Subpages (5): Kadambur Ottapalam Visit Jun 2010 , Memorable Photo Kadambur Ottapalam, Old Memories Photo Kadambur Ottapalam ,Photo at sreekrishnapuram ,Temple Festival Kadambur Ottapalam Kerala, A Dream Home at Kadambur Ottapalam Anitha Marriage Kattukulam Chandran and Family Photo Kadambur Family Web Album Ottapalam KADAMBUR FAMILY, OTTAPALAM, PALGHAT DIST. KERALA STATE Kadambur Ottapalam Kadambur Ottapalam Family Photo 3 KADAMBUR OTTAPALAM PHOTO 1 KADAMBUR OTTAPALAM PHOTO 2Kadungam Thody Mama Kadungam Thody Mama and Mami Kadungam Thody Vijayan and Sashi Kattukulam, Mangalamkunnu Ottapalam Family Group Photo Ottapalam Family Photo Sarla Nair Ottapalam Memories Kadambur OTTAPALAM PHOTO - RAJAN Perinthalmanna Taluk in Malappuram District Rahul Marriage Kadungam Thody Ottapalam Thushara Marriage Ottapalam. Ecotourism in Kerala has taken off in a big way because Kerala has many destinations known for their natural beauty and exquisite landscape.

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